Oregon 36V Blower £138.00 now £126.00


    Model: BL300


    • Offering an extremely powerful and low noise solution to clean up and remove debris (only 84db noise level on Turbo mode)
    • Variable speed trigger to clear away large areas.
    • Up to 841 cubic metres air/hour and a speed of up to 212km/h makes this the ultimate debris-clearing machine.
    • Very light and portable.
    • Innovative brushless motor and axial fan offer both power and effiency.
    • Will run for up to 90 minutes on the 4.0Ah battery
    • You will need to purchase the battery and charger if not already done so – once purchased the battery and charger will fit all the Oregon 36V tools
    Warranty: 3 years
    Allows you to get the job done without bothering your neighbours with a noisy machine - useful for decking, garage, leaves and garden debris, gutters and drains.