Oregon Sweeper attachment BR600 £169.00


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Model: BR600


The BR600 can be used to clean any surface, from concrete to artificial grass. You’ll be able to clean wide areas of debris with the 23″ wide sweeper.

Tough dirt and debris doesn’t stand a chance against the BR600’s durable 2.5″ nylon bristles. The sweeper’s durable gearbox delivers plenty of power to clean your driveway or sidewalk. Clean for 20 uninterrupted minutes with our standard 4.0 Ah battery.  The BR600 also much quicker than using a broom or even a standard leaf blower. The BR600 allows you to easily make piles of debris that you can simply dispose of in your debris container. The BR600 Sweeper also connects to your Multi-Attachment System’s Powerhead within seconds.

Warranty: 3 Years
Clean any surface from concrete to artificial grass
Durable gear box