Chainsaw Chain Trouble Shooting



Trouble Shooting Check List:

You’re trying to get some work done, and your chainsaw doesn’t work as you need it to;

Problem – Chain won’t turn; check for:

• Tension too tight
• Burred drive links
• Pinched bar groove
• Chain off sprocket
• Bar sprocket nose frozen
• Chain brake engaged
• Adequate bar/chain lubricant
• Debris (chips) in bar groove or drive sprocket

Problem – Slow cutting; check for:

• Dull cutters
• Depth gauges too high
• Clutch slipping
• Bar groove too wide
• And, believe it or not, chain on backwards

Problem – Chain cuts crooked; check for:

• Low depth gauges on one side
• Uneven bar rails
• Cutters filed differently, one side to the other
• Damage to cutters on one side of chain from hitting the ground, a rock, or other foreign material