Efco DR65-HR11 Professional Flail Mower £4281.00 now £3599.00

Model: DR65-HR11


  • Engine – Honda GX340 389cc
  • Tranmission 3 x forward and reverse
  • Speeds 1st: 1.2km/h – 2nd: 2.2km/h – 3rd: 3.5km/h – 1st R: 2.2km/h
  • Width of cut – 65cm
  • Cutting flails 38 ‘Y’ shaped flail blades which will effortlessly cut through thick, well established brush and scrub.
  • Height of cut 20mm – 80mm with 4 height settings + 5 width settings
  • Dimensions – 1657mm x 1092mm x 814mm
  • Weight 162kg
  • The transmission is oil-bathed and housed in a reinforced gear case for exceptional long-term reliability.
  • The comfortable steering handlebar, with height and width adjustment, ensures maximum adaptability to suit the operator’s needs.
  •  Ergonomic control levers (wheel lock release, brakes and gears) are all neatly arranged within easy reach.

0% Interest Free Credit is available on this machine with a minimum of 10% deposit.

Warranty: 3 Years
Developed expressly for heavy-duty applications which test normal wheeled brush cutters to the limit, such as overgrown roadside verges and steep slopes, the Efco DR 65 HR 11 flail mower is designed for professionals with intensive work on grass, shoots, twigs and low vegetation, scrub and stubble.

£4,281.00 £3,599.00