Oleo Mac LU55 HXF Pro Honda Engine 53cm / 21″ £1419.00


    Model: LU55 HXF


    • Powered by a Honda GXV 160 163cc engine and equipped with three-speed transmission with aluminium components and blade brake, allowing selection of ground speed to suit the nature of the work and the type of terrain.
    • 53cm width of cut and the cutting height is adjustable centrally through fixed increments by way of a handy lever from 20mm to 75mm.
    • Mulch kit gives the user a 3-in-1 cutting function to choose between collection, rear discharge or mulching of the grass clippings.
    • Superior collection capacity is assured by a wide discharge duct and aerodynamically contoured interior of the deck.
    • 80 litre collection bag allows longer periods between stops to empty and is fitted with a protective canvas top so exposure to dust is kept to a minimum.
    • Weight of machine 51kg

    The quality of the Oleo Mac LU 55 HXF lawn mower remains undiminished over time thanks to the aluminium deck which is protected at the front and sides by strong, amply proportioned metal guards.  The large diameter wheels guarantee smooth progress on any type of terrain.


    Warranty: 3 years
    The Oleo Mac LU 55 HXF is a professional self-propelled lawn mower with an aluminium deck.  It features extremely solid construction and superior collection capacity, even when operating on wet grass, all attributes sought after by professional groundsmen and gardeners.  Ideal for larger areas 2300m² and over and for intensive and continuous duties, this lawn mower guarantees top reliability and unwavering quality over time. Extremely rugged lawn mower with high load capacity, even on wet grass