Efco EF110/24 KHH 110cm / 43″ 24HP 708cc £4789.00


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EFCO High Grass Mower 110/24 KHH
This powerful grass lawn tractor from  EFCO  with 110cm cut and its 24hp two cylinder engine.  Cuts three foot brier and is also able to manicure lawns perfectly; 

  • Engine EMAK 24HP / 708cc engine
  • Power 12.3KW / 2800rpm
  • Cutting width 110cm / 43″
  • Blade x 6 – specially shaped cross knives
  • Deck  – Tonkawa = tough modern casting
  • Robust constructionThe load-resistant channel steel frame and the robust, durable cast iron front axle provide consistent performance for many years.
  • Front bumper for front protection
  • Driver’s seat – new high comfort seat which is adjustable with high back-friendly backrest
  • Drive 2WD rear-wheel drive
  • Cutting height 38-110mm
  • Front wheels – 16 x 6.50-8 with precision ball bearing
  • Rear wheels – 20 x 10-8 with frange hub attachment
  • Length 210cm
  • Width 115cm
  • Height 131cm
  • Turning radius 50cm
  • Fuel tank capacity 8 litres
  • All-year-round use
Warranty: 3 Years
WOW this is a beast! Introducing the EFCO High Grass Mower 110/24 KHH.
Cuts three foot brier and is also able to manicure your lawn perfectly;

The very sturdy designed mower is ideal for intensive care. Whether high grass or regularly mown surfaces, with three specially shaped cross knives, a very good shredding and wide distribution of the crop is guaranteed leaving you with a well manicured lawn. Welded deflectors under the mower deck additionally help to shred the cuttings. In the rear area used baffles ensure a very good and even distribution of the cuttings.