Chainsaw Sharpening / Chains Made Service On-Site from £7.00


Model: All chainsaws
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Chainsaw Chains made up and sharpened whilst you wait or via post;

  • Chainsaw chain for all applications stocked from Homeowners to Aborists.
  • Proudly using Oregon top quality chain – all sizes of chain stocked including their new ‘SpeedCut System’ chain


Because the chain and bar operate together as a team, a few simple practices can make them both run efficiently.

1. If filing yourself – file the cutters evenly. Be sure the filing angles are the same on the left and right sides.
and keep your depth gauges even on both sides of the chain and at their recommended settings.
2. Use plenty of good quality bar and chain oil.
3. Remove the bar periodically and clean accumulated sawdust from the oil hole and bar groove. Turn the bar over regularly – this improves longevity
4. Tension the chain properly, just tight enough to be able to pull around the bar by hand. Check the tensioning frequently, but not while the chain is hot – wait until the chain is cool to the touch.

Saw chain advice:

1. Saw chain is made to cut only one thing: wood. Do not use saw chain to cut other materials, and never let your chain contact rocks or dirt during operation. Remember, your saw chain is moving in excess of 50 miles per hour. In just one second of contact with a rock or with the ground, each cutter will be impacted more than ten times.

2. Never force dull chain to cut. When it is sharp, saw chain is designed to feed itself into the wood, and needs only light pressure to cut efficiently. Dull chain produces fine wood dust, a sure sign that maintenance is required.

3. To maximize life of your guide bar and chain, maintain proper chain tension and use high quality lubricant.

4. Use only low kickback saw chain unless you have skills and are trained for dealing with kickback.

Keep your saw’s chain-oiling system filled with clean bar-and-chain oil. Never put used oil or old engine oil in your saw or on your chain. Be sure your chain, bar, and sprocket are always receiving oil from the saw during operation. Fill your oil reservoir each time you fill your petrol tank.

What lubrication does my chain need?

Also stocked Chainsaw Bars, files, filing systems including PowerSharp (sharpens on the saw in seconds) clamps, file handles, bar groove cleaners, felling wedges, chain oils, lifting hooks and tongs, marking sprays, lubricants, bar covers, sawhorses, PPE, …..

Warranty: N/A
If you live locally this is a whilst you wait service - free hot drinks machine in our showroom!

Oregon make most of the worlds chain and their bars and chains are fitted to many of the Worlds leading brands of saw. Having advanced cutting technology, designed by the worlds largest manufacturer to provide outstanding cutting performance, time after time. In 1947, the Oregon Saw Chain Manufacturing Corporation was founded with four employees and one product. Today, the Oregon brand is part of Blount Inc, a corporation with more than 3,000 employees and thousands of products.