Aspen 4 and Aspen 2 Fuel filler £21.99


Model: Aspen Fuel Filler
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The Autofiller helps you to fill up your tank easily, without spillage
or getting any fuel on your hands or clothing. When your tank is full,
the Autofiller stops automatically!

The advantages:
• Stops automatically when the tank is full.
• Fits on any tank opening, including quick release systems.
• Unique vapour return system as a result of the rubber collar surrounding the tank.
• Separate air/petrol division ensures gradual fill up.
• No petrol spillage; the rubber collar prevents the petrol from spilling from the tank.
• Made of 100% recyclable solid POM plastic, ensuring long durability.
• The Viton seal is guaranteed to withstand any kind of petrol.
• Fits perfectly on the Aspen 5 litre fuel can, can be rotated in any direction.
• Maintenance free and replaceable rubber parts.

Unique vapour return system
Because of the unique vapour return system the Autofiller protects you and your
environment against unnecessary direct contact with the fuel. This is because the
complete sealing on every tank prevents any fumes from escaping. The fuel
fumes from the tank are sucked into the fuel can.

Enables easy pouring with no wastage