Belt 135062812/0 Mountfield Timing Deck Belt £62.99


Model: OEM 135062812/0
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Superb quality replacement timing deck belt matching every aspect of the originals in design, construction and performance…..  OEM Belt  number135062812/0 – 48″ (122cm) deck belt

  • Replacement Mountfield / Castel timing deck belt
  • The belt runs from the deck to the engine pulley and sits above the main timing belt unit.
  • This belt will fit all the 122cm (48″) model decks, Example: 2048H, 2048M, 2248H, 2348H

Synchronous Timing Belts are able to offer a fixed speed ratio, no re-tensioning after installation, and low maintenance costs. They are able to accommodate a wide variety of power transmission capacities and drive speeds.


  1. Trapezoidal tooth profile
  2. High efficiency characteristics, due to positive engagements between belt teeth and pulley grooves
  3. No re-tensioning required
  4. Maintenance free
  5. Conforms to BS 4548 standard


  1. Modified tooth profile for improved stress distribution
  2. Reduced tooth jump due to deeper tooth design
  3. High efficiency characteristics, due to positive engagement between belt teeth and pulley grooves
  4. No re-tensioning required
  5. Maintenance free
  6. Increased power transmission capacity
  7. Conforms to ISO 13050



Warranty: N/A
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